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The consortium is a partnership between Universities, Crown Research Institutes, and research and public service organizations. We share a vision of a progressive research community that is not hindered by access to data and high quality research methods. The provision of free meteorological and environmental data is the beginning of many initiatives, and at its core the open modelling consortium will ensure cutting-edge research and development in the areas of numerical weather, climate and environmental modelling.

Why it matters

A review commissioned by the Ministry of Business and Innovation and Employment “2018, Weather Permitting: Review of open access to weather data in New Zealand" put New Zealand in the most restrictive nations in permitting access to weather and climate data.

Open source weather, climate and environmental data can further help bring New Zealand on-par with the international science community where such initiatives have increased creativity, nurtured development and built stronger collaborative networks.

Open source models


We have decades of experience in open source modelling tools and will be continuously developing in these areas. We take advantage of local and national high performance computing, such as NeSI. Below is the current available modelling dataset we have. You can click on each dataset to see more detailed information.


A GUI based tool to discover data sources, types and parameters.

An ongoing development that aims to populate a catalogue of Jupyter Notebooks for online interaction with data. 

The Python package for direct access of data.

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